When Is Selling Monthly Parking Online Right For You?

You already sell your transient inventory online, but what about your monthly inventory?

If monthly parking fits into your revenue mix, you can maximize your total revenue by adding monthly parking to your online sales strategy.

More and More Drivers Are Searching for Monthly Parking Online

People look for everything online and monthly parking is no exception. According to Google Trends, the search interest for “monthly parking” increased by 26.3% from 2013 to 2015.

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The online demand for monthly parking steadily increased over the last few years.

Can Online Consumers Find Your Monthly Inventory?

Signage is an effective tactic, but only reaches people who drive by your facility. Meanwhile, there’s an entire market of people you’re missing who look for monthly parking online.

Drivers search for monthly parking online to evaluate their options. A monthly parking spot is a financial and ongoing commitment, so drivers want to feel confident about their choice. By searching online, they can easily compare price, location, and amenities.

The longer you wait to list monthly spots online, the more customers you’re losing to competitors who list online. Why give them a leg up?

Capture Online Demand for Monthly Parking with Online Reservations

Online parking reservation platforms have the tools to help you boost the revenue from your available monthly inventory. And they make your inventory visible to the largest online audience possible.

5 Benefits of Selling Monthly Parking via an Online Reservation Company

1. It Requires No Risk to See If Online Reservations Works for You

Listing some of your monthly inventory with an online reservation company requires no risk. Try listing spots at a couple of your facilities to see what rates and locations sell the most.

You could easily scale it up or down depending on the needs of your specific facilities.

2. Leverage a Team of Digital Marketing Experts

Online reservation companies drive their existing user base to your monthly inventory with targeted content and email marketing. They also reach people looking for monthly parking online through digital marketing channels, including Search Engine Optimization and paid advertising.

Leverage their expertise and advertising budget to generate cash and acquire new monthly parkers.

3. Online Reservation Companies Highlight Your Amenities for You

Online platforms make it easy for potential customers to see your amenities. Maybe they need a convenient location with in-and-out privileges. Perhaps extras such as electrical vehicle charging, handicap accessibility, or valet service are game-changers for them.

4. Offer Different Types of Monthly Rates to Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Online monthly rates are flexible. If your facility is full every day but you could benefit from monthly parking revenue in the evenings, consider selling night-only monthly parking online. If you have a few spaces that are often unused because they are small and challenging to park in, consider offering monthly rates for motorcycles.

5. Access Online Demand Data to Optimize Rates

Online reservation companies employ teams of analysts who can survey current market prices and online demand for monthly parking. They can provide you with competitive rate recommendations that will be sure to fill spaces and maximize your revenue.  

Start Selling Monthly Parking Online Today

Listing monthly parking with an online reservation company makes it easy for you to control when and how you sell monthly parking and helps your potential customers find you.

Reach out to your online reservation company to ask about your options for listing monthly parking.

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