What Would Happen If Uber Replaced Off-Airport Parking Shuttles?

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Problem: Shuttles are Costly and Detract from the Off-Airport Parking Experience

Off-airport parking is often not a traveler’s first choice when deciding where to park at the airport. Today we are proposing a solution that just may solve this problem. 

A couple reasons shuttles are unappealing to travelers is that they can run late, or don’t leave until they are filled, giving people little control over their arrival time at the airport. 

For operators, shuttles are expensive. After buying the shuttle itself, your costs include paying for drivers, maintenance, and gas. These costs drive prices up, potentially making your facility a less appealing option for drivers.

In extreme cases, lots may even go undeveloped and be left vacant because shuttle costs are too prohibitive.

What if this weren’t the case? What if there were a way to change how customers get from your off-airport facility to the airport that made the process more appealing to drivers and saved you money in operating costs?



Potential Solution: Use Ubers Instead of Unreliable, Expensive Shuttles for Airport Transport

In most cities, Uber operates around major airports. What if shuttle costs were eliminated completely by replacing shuttle service with Ubers? These savings could be passed on to the customer, making your facility appealing to a greater number of drivers.

After parking their cars at your facility, customers would simply call an Uber to take them to the airport.

By rebranding as “Park and UberX,” off-airport parking companies could eliminate the high fixed cost of operating shuttles, increasing overall revenue. The strategy would also allow operators to acquire additional and repeat customers due to competitive rates and shorter wait times.

Replace Shuttles with Ubers to Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Top Line Revenue

Transportation to the airport is a necessary part of an off-airport parking experience: most travelers will not park off-airport if a shuttle is not available because they need some sort of transportation to the airport.

However, Uber could be the solution to eliminating traditional shuttles.

If you replace shuttles with Ubers, you could slightly lower your daily rates–which could actually increase your top line revenue. The laws of economics dictate that demand for parking at your facility will increase if you reduce the cost. More customers will be willing to park there.

You can also increase your efficiency by replacing shuttles with Ubers. Off-airport shuttles often leave for the airport before they are full. The fewer the people in the shuttle, the higher the company’s costs to transport each passenger.

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Uber Could Revolutionize Your Off-Airport Operations

Instead of thinking of Uber as a competitor, parking companies should view Uber as a potential ally in helping increase traffic at their off-airport locations.

The infrastructure of off-airport parking would change if shuttles were no longer necessary to open a facility. By simply adding new signage to direct travelers to request an Uber after parking, companies can streamline their operations and be just as appealing as on-airport parking.


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