Wayfinding Technology

What is it? What does it mean for your business and the future of the parking industry?


Wayfinding: the way people move from place to place in their daily lives.

Wayfinding technology: technology-based ways that help people find places they’re looking for–places like your parking facilities.

Wayfinding technology focuses on making parking green and reducing cars’ impact on the environment. If drivers can find your facilities quickly and easily, they spend much less time driving circling for a spot. Wayfinding tech is not only beneficial for the environment, but can help increase your revenue as well.

Wayfinding Basics & Benefits

Wayfinding involves several different components:

  1. Choosing a garage
  2. Getting to the garage
  3. Entering and exiting the garage

Wayfinding technology attempts to simplify and streamline these steps using web and mobile platforms, oftentimes involving online reservations.

This web integration lets drivers reserve a space in advance and know that a spot will be waiting when they arrive. Knowing where they are going before they leave means commuters do not drive any more than they need to, greatly reducing harmful vehicle emissions and overall city traffic.

Some studies suggest that 30% of traffic is comprised of people seeking parking. Wayfinding technology reduces drivers’ carbon footprint since they do not have to waste time circling for a space.

As an added benefit, wayfinding technology can help increase your revenue as well. If it is easy for drivers to find, enter, and exit your facility, you will capture a greater number of repeat customers.

How Can You Leverage Wayfinding Technology Today?

The parking industry is transforming as companies choose to make use of wayfinding technology. A particularly eco-friendly way to implement this strategy is to partner with an existing web/mobile based platform that can provide helpful information and services to drivers.

Specifically, many third party apps provide directions to the facility, pictures of what the facility looks like, how to enter and exit, and how to reserve a space in advance.

Wayfinding technology such as an online or mobile platform increases operators’ marketing reach, reduces drivers’ stress, and has a positive impact on the environment.

Consider integrating wayfinding technology into your parking operations today.

Wayfinding technology

Wayfinding technology in action on a mobile platform.

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