The Top 11 Parking Articles From February 2016

This month the shift towards self-driving cars inches forward while auto and parking tech companies figure out how they fit in. Read our top picks from this month’s parking and transportation articles.

1. Why Parking Your Car for Free Is Actually Expensive

Could the demand for off-street parking increase if cities like NYC eliminate free on-street parking?


2. How the Self-Driving Car Could Eliminate the Parking Garage in Boston

Instead of being parked in a garage, the theory goes, a fleet of self-driving vehicles will cater to passenger after passenger, summoned by a smartphone or other handheld device.


3. Parking Fees at City Hotels Can Stall Car-Rental Plans

The end of 2015 saw over half of business travelers choosing Uber over renting cars and parking. Now vacationers take Uber instead of parking, too. What will be the next segment of customers to abandon driving for ride-sharing?


4. Parkifi Closes Series A Funding with $7.5 Million to Continue to Transform Parking Technology

This real-time, spot-level data enables parking managers to run their operations more efficiently, and empowers partnering mobile apps with data they need to direct drivers to parking spaces faster.”


5. Tesla Adds Another Layer of Safety to Its Driverless Parking Tech

“… the company [Tesla] said the most significant step towards safe, autonomous cars is its driverless parking technology, and that it ‘lays important groundwork’ for autonomous driving.”

6. Why Cities Actually Prefer That You Don’t Pay the Parking Meter

“… New York earns a lot more from parking tickets than parking meters—$550 million compared to $100 million in 2014…”


7. Porsche CEO Has No Plans to Go down Self-Driving Route

Even those who aren’t on board with autonomous cars still have to find ways to integrate more auto technology to stay relevant.


8. Google Says Self-Driving Car Hits Municipal Bus in Minor Crash

This minor crash “may be the first case of one of its autonomous cars hitting another vehicle.”


9. Smartphone Chip Designer ARM Looks to Car Computing for Growth

People use their phones for everything from playing music to booking parking. Now, the same company that designs chips for iPhones is bringing that technology into car dashboards.


10. An Uber Labor Movement Born in a LaGuardia Parking Lot

Hundreds of NYC Uber drivers protested new lower rates at LaGuardia Airport in early February. While the lower rates are great for passengers, and have been convincing them to Uber rather than drive and park at the airport, they hurt Uber drivers’ incomes.


11. A 19-Year-Old Made a Free Robot Lawyer That Has Appealed $3 Million in Parking Tickets

British programmer Joshua Browder is already talking with autonomous car manufacturers about integrating his technology so driverless cars can handle basic parking tickets.

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