Revenue Control Rundown: 6 Companies at PIE 2015

PIE 2015 had a Revenue Control Systems Review in which each vendor at the show was given 15 minutes to present their company. In case you missed it, we asked a representative from each of those companies to answer two questions, and we’re sharing the best responses here.




Elliott Nemerson – Business Development Manager

designa logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with Designa as opposed to a competitor?

Today’s effective parking system supplier/manufacturer must be positioned with equipment – and more importantly, with robust and flexible software that is current and up to date in terms of its capabilities.

It is critical that today’s parking system software be able to interface with other critical third-party systems, like pay-by-phone, user-loyalty applications, and advanced reservations/special event applications. Opportunities that allow for new possibilities with flexible equipment & software design are more critical today that in the past, and Designa offers just that!

Where once all that mattered was barrier gates and pay stations, today we offer tailored, integrated systems that are not only perfect for parking management, but also provide additional turnover and growth opportunities for their operators. Our technology is what helps us achieve this.

From offering everything from the standard single on-site server to monitor and administer parking access and revenue control system devices, to a “hosted” server handling multiple remote sites in a true “cloud computing” management topography, Designa delivers.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

Right now, invariably the biggest “issue” or question revolves around PCI & PA-DSS compliance, now and into the future. “Are the parking devices set-up for the new EMV credit card readers mandated by the the newest Personal Card Industry (PCI) standards?

Designa is a manufacturer out of Kiel, Germany, and has been in the parking business since 1964. We have thousands of installations worldwide, including many major airports throughout Europe and Australia where the EMV / Chip-n-PIN readers have been in use for almost a decade now.

So, are we ready? We’ve been ready, and in production with this type of technology for several years now! We are just waiting for the North American banks to standardize on their requirements for these newer readers; and once they do we will begin providing this new technology in the parking payment devices.




HUB Parking Technology

Ilaria Riva – Marketing and Communication Manager

hub parking logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with HUB as opposed to a competitor?

HUB Parking Technology develops and manufactures direct Parking Access Revenue Control Systems and installs and provides 24/7 after-sales services. HUB Parking Technology is the only manufacturer that brings together nearly 100 years of combined experience, strengths and best practices (DATAPARK, ZEAG and FAAC) offering customized and effective solutions and the flexibility to choose the product best suited to your operation and budget.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

Operators are interested in learning more about our centralized control room solution and webservices.

We offer a cutting-edge web-based management system, JMS, that boasts an extremely intuitive tile-based user interface and allows for multi-site operations to install either brand of HUB equipment and still manage the entire operation in complete simplicity with just one tool.

JMS also seamlessly and easily integrates some key functionalities with your Website such as  prebooking, webvoucher, webvalidations, epayments as well as with 3rd party systems for streamlined operations (ERP, LPR, PBX, video, geolocalization).



Kyle Cashion – Principal

itegrapark logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with Integrapark as opposed to a competitor?

Integrapark is unique in that we have expertise in parking management, software development, and accounting, and also that we are partners with so many equipment manufacturers.

Our applications are developed specifically for parking, from the perspective of a parking operator, with heavy emphasis on auditing and controls.

Rather than providing a “PARCS system”, we provide a standardized back office for monthly parker billing, transient revenue reporting, and posting to the general ledger regardless of the parking equipment being used.  Finally, we have been steadily improving our applications for nearly 15 years, based on suggestions from our customers in 5,000 locations.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

The most common thing we’re asked is “What parking equipment and general ledgers do your applications work with?”

Our answer is simple:  “Almost all of the ones you’re likely to use”.  Amano, CALE, Datapark, Digital, TIBA, Ticketech, Skidata, Scheidt & Bachmann, WPS, and 3M, just to name a few of our equipment partners, plus a world of financial systems, including Dynamics, Great Plains, MAS, Peachtree, and Quickbooks.


Scheidt and Bachman

Scheidt & Bachmann

Tiffany Yu – Marketing Specialist

s&b logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with Scheidt & Bachmann as opposed to a competitor?

Scheidt & Bachmann is known as an innovator and continues to lead the market in terms of bringing the latest in technology to the industry. We focus on custom solutions for a variety of different sized clients with an emphasis on service support always.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

Unfortunately, many operators think that all products are equal and us PARCS vendors are just a commodity. So many times the first question is “how much is it going to cost?”

Our response is to dig deeper into their operation by asking questions and providing a solution that fits their operational goals. We have some unique products that can provide a positive impact to operations and the customer experience.



Tina Whetzel – Regional Manager

secom logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with Secom as opposed to a competitor?

Its a toss up between our information security and that there is no middle man. Our security is unmatched in the industry due in large part to our proprietary 030 Controller and the ability for our users to control and customize their data on many different levels.

Secom holds our customer’s investment in our services with the highest regard, which is the reason that we do everything in our factory headquarters in Los Angeles, California. From conception to installation, every facet of our Parking Access and Revenue Control System is done in house.

This includes the software, which is customizable to each client’s individual need, that is updated weekly at no additional charge to our customers. We design, manufacture, test, install and service our equipment. Our nearly 40 years in the industry gives us an advantage in knowing what the customer wants and design products for the future.

Secom is committed to the future of parking and the ongoing changes our industry is facing with more web and mobile functionality. Secom is committed to offering these options without compromising the customer’s information security and revenue control/collection.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

Support and response times.

Secom believes that training local technicians to service our sites is one of the reasons we are so successful. Our customers are involved in the process of selecting a local technician as much as they would like to be. We believe that training local technicians enhances our customer service and provides very quick response times and exceptional service.

This results in more revenue collection and less time the system is down for maintenance/service related issues. Having a local presence, paired with direct access to service/tech support staff at the factory, gives our customers quicker response times to service related issues, advance replacement of parts, etc.

It also provides Secom a bird’s eye view of the customer’s operation, the ability to anticipate future needs and an interaction with the customer that can lead to lower costs of operating their parking access and revenue control systems.


TIBA Parking Systems

Michael Bigbee – CEO

tiba logo

What is the biggest advantage of working with TIBA as opposed to a competitor?

TIBA’s management software was built on direct input from the parking industry and therefore feels extremely intuitive to use. TIBA’s hardware is very reliable, very straightforward to maintain and therefore offers the best 7 year ROI in the industry.

What is the most common thing that operators ask you about your product? What is your answer?

Operators ask if TIBA’s management software supports rapid feature development and deployment.

TIBA’s proven willingness to adapt and extend the product, in dramatically short periods of time, is one of the foundations upon which our reputation has been built and is sustained.


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