ParkingExec with 18+ Years of Experience Shares Secrets to a Successful Parking Career

Tim MaloneyTim Maloney is the former EVP of National Sales at Propark, where he built out a sales team from 30 employees to 1,000. Today he is sharing his advice for building a successful career in parking.



PE (ParkingExec): Tell us about your background in the parking industry.

TM (Tim Maloney): I started valeting cars at a restaurant in San Francisco at 17 and have been in parking ever since.  I paid my way through college managing the parking at a couple hotels in San Diego and then after school moved back to the Bay Area and was the GM for a regional company there for a few years.

In 2004 I started working for Propark in San Francisco as a City Manager when they only had a handful of locations in the city.  Over the next 7 years I grew the region from those few locations to 80+ across 6 states and built an amazing team of over 1,000 parking professionals.

A few years ago I transitioned from SVP of the western US for Propark to EVP of National Sales.  I was tasked with building out a formal sales division for the company and then we began a significant growth phase both organically and through acquisitions.


PE: You’ve worked in parking for 18 years, what has been the biggest industry change since you started?

TM: When I started in the industry, customers usually found parking the old-fashioned way, driving around to find a place to park. Since then, more and more people have begun looking for parking online, and now on their mobile phones, too. This shift in consumer behavior has been one of the biggest changes in the parking industry during my career.


PE: When you worked at Propark, what would you say was the biggest benefit of using online aggregators?

TM: Aside from the fact that online aggregators allowed us to fill unused spots in our garages the ability to utilize the technology as a yield management tool was unprecedented.  It has provided a platform to determine optimal pricing based on the time of day, available inventory and demand to maximize the revenue potential of our garages.


PE: What do you see as being the biggest tech trends in the parking industry today?

TM: It amazes me to think of how I would answer that question 15, 10 or even 5 years ago compared to today.  Online aggregators continue to evolve and bring even more value to parking garages and operators are leveraging that technology in incredible ways.

Remote monitoring command centers are changing the landscape of parking operators similar to how parking equipment automation did when it came on the scene allowing operators to significantly reduce operating expenses while enhancing the customer experience.

The introduction of SaaS and cloud-based parking equipment has also had a huge impact and will reshape how we use and purchase PARCS.  Parking guidance systems are providing a great opportunity to ease the pain of parking for our customers.


PE: How do you think the parking industry could be doing a better job at attracting more young talent?

TM: This is one of the major challenges that faces the parking industry as a whole.  Technology in parking has definitely helped make parking “sexier” and therefore has opened the eyes of many young, tech-savvy people to our industry.

Educating potential job candidates on how engrained technology is within our industry allows them to see past the traditional view of parking to what a career in parking really looks like.  Internships are another opportunity to bring in young talent and mold the future leaders of our industry.


PE: What was your biggest recruiting success working at Propark?

TM: I feel as though I was fortunate to bring on some amazing talent during my time at Propark so that is a tough question to answer.  I would say the most impactful hire I made would have been a Vice President to help oversee the western US.  He helped me scale Propark’s presence throughout the region at a very aggressive rate while continuing to maintain a high level of service delivery that Propark prides itself on.


PE: What advice would you give to our readers who are trying to advance their careers in the parking industry?

TM: One of the most important things is understanding all facets of our industry.  It’s important to be patient and soak in everything you can in each position you have, and carry that knowledge with you as you move your way up.

Make your intentions for growth within the organization clear to your company and offer to assist in any way possible beyond what your current position entails.  Actively research trends in the industry, attend trade shows, and be involved in our industry organizations.  Become as educated as possible on all things parking and how you can leverage technology within your organization.


PE: Any exciting career updates of your own to share?

TM: Well, thanks for asking. After 10 amazing years at Propark, I’ve recently joined SpotHero as Head of Sales.

There’s a long list of things that excite me about my new position but I would say the one that stands out the most is the opportunity I have to make such a huge impact on the future of parking and how our industry evolves.

The parking landscape has changed dramatically over the past 15 years and is now evolving faster than ever.  Technology has opened up so many amazing opportunities that will allow our industry to provide far more than just a place to park and I’m confident I’m with a company that is forward-thinking and understands that the sky’s the limit with where the parking landscape can go.


PE: Why did you decide to make the switch from working at a parking operator to an online parking reservation company?

TM: It was a tough decision to leave the operator world but being an early adopter of technology in parking, I realized how game-changing online parking reservations have been and will continue to be for our industry.  I wanted to utilize my experience as an operator to work for a company that could shape the future of parking for the better.


Tim is actively recruiting Account Executives and General Managers for New York City and San Francisco, so introduce yourself!

Come say hi to him at the SpotHero booth at IPI in Las Vegas, or you can reach him at, on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Have questions for Tim? Post them in the ParkingExec LinkedIn Group and he’ll respond there.

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