Announcing the Inaugural ParkingExec Award Winners

We are excited to celebrate this year’s distinguished ParkingExec Award winners!

Highlighting parking professionals who demonstrate innovation, experimentation, and use of technology within the parking industry, the award recipients are champions of change within their companies, working to keep parking competitive with alternate forms of transportation.

The 2015 ParkingExec Award winners are:

  • Jerry Skillett, CEO of Citizens Parking, has been selected for the Innovator Award due to his adoption of industry-changing technology that has had a material impact on his company.
  • Vincent Raguseo, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SP+ Corporation, has been selected for the Online Marketer Award, due to his ability to leverage online marketing best practices to the fullest.
  • Chris DeChillo, District Manager for Towne Park, has been recognized for the Rising Star Award for showing a passion for innovative business strategies and technology, while promoting positive transformation within his company at an early stage in his career.


Be unique.


See below for a recap of the award descriptions and criteria:

ParkingExec Innovator Award

The Innovator Award is presented to an executive-level parking professional who has led the adoption of industry-changing technology within his or her company. This person’s actions have had a material impact on the growth of his or her company by leveraging the power of innovative technology.

Judging Criteria

  • Holds an executive-level position
  • Leads adoption of industry-changing technology
  • Has had a notable impact on the growth of his or her company


ParkingExec Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award celebrates an individual who is new to the parking industry but who already shows a passion for innovative business strategies and technology. Even early in his or her career, this individual is already promoting positive transformation within his or her company.

Judging Criteria

  • Has worked in the parking industry for under three years
  • Constantly aware of technology developments
  • Strong understanding of consumer goals and behavior


ParkingExec Online Marketer Award

The Online Marketer Award goes to a parking professional who has leveraged online marketing best practices to the fullest. This individual has implemented creative online and mobile marketing strategies that have driven tangible results for his or her company.

Judging Criteria

  • Leverages superior marketing practices to achieve maximum benefits and growth
  • Takes advantage of online and mobile technologies in marketing
  • Has had tangible impact on company growth



Entry Requirements


A valid entry must include a short description (500 words or less) that highlights why you believe the person you have nominated fits the criteria specified for that particular award. Include any relevant characteristics and specific examples that showcase the nominee’s outstanding qualities.

Submit your nominations via the corresponding online forms.



The awards are open to all parking professionals. You may nominate yourself or a colleague who you feel exemplifies the criteria listed for a specific award. You may submit one nomination per award category.

In addition to reviewing inbound applications we will be assessing the industry ourselves for outstanding candidates.

How can you submit nominations? Fill out the Nomination Form under each award by August 14, 2015 AUGUST 18, 2015.


Award Winners

Winners will receive:

  • Recognition in a press release at NPA announcing their awards
  • A plaque and pin with their award title
  • A feature in the next ParkingExec newsletter
  • A write-up in the second print edition of ParkingExec
  • An invitation to an exclusive networking event attended by other award winners and the founders of ParkingExec


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