ParkingExec Preview of AutoMobility LA

The conversation surrounding the connected car is becoming more prevalent across wide audiences, from car lovers to tech enthusiasts to everyday drivers. As further proof of this shift, the LA Auto Show‘s Press Days and Connected Car Expo have merged into one show: AutoMobility LA.

AutoMobility LA kicks off this Monday, November 14th. ParkingExec will be there as your source for key trends and takeaways!

Here are the sessions we’re looking forward to, along with the trends we’ll be watching and reporting on.


Tuesday, November 15

Morning Keynote

Speaker: Mark Fields – CEO of Ford

Description: In this session, Ford President and CEO Mark Fields will share more about how the mobility landscape is evolving, Ford’s expansion to be both an auto and a mobility company, and its commitment to helping make people’s lives better by changing the way the world moves.

Trend watch: Disruption in mobility – How will the increasing overlap of mobile and transportation continue to affect driver behavior?


Putting the Owner Back in the Driver’s Seat

Speaker: Stephanie Latham – Head of US Automotive at Facebook

Description: Facebook’s automotive lead Stephanie Latham will discuss the importance of putting the car owner at the center of your automotive marketing strategy and will explore the new kinds of tools and groundbreaking innovations that are completely transforming the way we communicate. In addition to the shift to mobile, Stephanie will address what’s next for the auto industry – from video to the future world of VR.

Trend watch: Reaching the mobile audience – How is the auto industry reaching an increasingly mobile audience to get them to continue buying cars? If automakers are able to do this, will drivers continue to park? What else can parking take away from automakers’ marketing strategies?


Can a Seamless Experience Be Achieved in the Fully Autonomous Future?

Speakers: Arwed Niestroj – CEO, Mercedes-Benz NA R&D
Thilo Koslowski – Head of Digital Mobility, Porsche

Moderator: Manuela Papadopol – Director Business Development and Communication, Elektrobit

Description: Every automaker is racing toward the development of increasingly automated driving features in their cars. Experts in automotive software and hardware explore how to create a seamless experience in the fully connected, autonomous future. Creating, coordinating and combining these individual parts to cover all needs — from functionality and efficiency to safety and security — presents challenges.

Trend watch: Emerging tech in the autonomous car – If autonomous cars are designed to be user-friendly, how can parking provide a similarly seamless experience?


Keynote: Data is the New Oil

Speaker: Brian Krzanich – CEO of Intel

Description: Studies show that by 2020, 10 million automated vehicles will be on the road and EACH vehicle will generate approximately 4000 GB of data every day. How will the automotive ecosystem use that data to differentiate the driving experience and add value to the ecosystem?

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explores how leveraging data with an end-to-end solution will drive innovation in automated driving. He will also discuss how the industry is undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation and how this flood of data will deliver valuable insights and translate them to seamless and safe driver experiences for fully and highly autonomous driving.

Trend watch: Using data to fuel business decisions – Technology makes it possible to churn out more data than ever before. How can parking adapt and make better business decisions based on data and insights?


The Sharing Strategy

Speakers: Eric Spiegelman – President, LA Taxicab Commission
David Stewart – CBO, Turo
Steve Banfield – CEO, BMW ReachNow
Moderator: Derek Kan – General Manager, Lyft

Description: Car and ride-sharing is here to stay. Three experts bring three very different perspectives on what sharing will and can mean for the transformation of transportation.

Trend watch: The latest in car and ride-sharing – We’ve already seen the expansion of flat rate pricing in ride-sharing. What’s next for ride-sharing and what does that mean for drivers and parking?


The Nuts and Bolts of Flying Cars

Speaker: Dezso Molnar – Inventor
Interviewer: Neal Ungerleider – Fast Company reporter

Description: Neal Ungerleider, science and technology reporter for Fast Company, chats with Dezsö Molnár, inventor, rocket scientist, and all-round “modern-day daVinci” (according to Bloomberg Media), who is working on a number of flying vehicles along with a flying-car racing league. Neal and Dezsö will review the existing state of flying cars, discuss the growing value and potential for flight-enabled vehicles, and demystify the entire concept down to its real nuts and bolts.

Trend watch: Flying cars – Is this really a possibility? What would parking look like in the world of flying cars? Will they discuss Uber’s take on the world of on-demand air transportation?


2050: City of Autonomous Car

Speakers: Jeffrey Tumlin – Director of Strategy, Nelson/Nygaard
Mark Bünger – VP of Research, Lux Research
Moderator: Gerry Tierney – Associate Principal, Perkins+Will

Description: What will cities that support autonomous cars look like? Changes in attitudes, technologies, social frameworks, materials and mobility will all impact how cities are designed and built over the next 30 years. Urban design experts will discuss what transformative urban trends will be reshaping cities and repainting our landscape.

Trend watch: The changing urban landscape – what are the major changes coming in the next 5, 10, and 30 years? What does this mean for existing parking infrastructure?


Carmakers Confront The Change Challenge

Speakers: Rachel Bhattacharya – Director, Commercial, Maven/GM
Matt Jones – Chief Product Officer, Moovel/Daimler
Moderator: Roger Lanctot – Strategy Analytics

Description: How are automakers responding to disruption? In some cases, by joining the party. In this session, an auto industry analyst and the automakers themselves come together for a discussion and debate on the benefits, hardships, and changes needed to integrate startups and an established OEM.

Trend watch: Blending new technology with existing industries – With new technology emerging constantly, how does parking navigate this growing space? How can you determine which partners are right for your business?


Wednesday, November 16

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Transportation

Speakers: Sky Matthews – CTO, IBM Watson
CJ Frost – Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Alexa
Nikhil George – Sr. Manager Perception and Machine Learning, Audi ERL
Moderator: Danny Shapiro – NVIDIA

Description: As carmakers, their suppliers, and innovative startups race to put driverless cars on the road, artificial intelligence is taking center stage. Industry experts on the front lines of AI will discuss how AI is transforming how we drive cars and how cars will soon drive us.

Trend watch: Impact of AI on Transportation – Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly, leading to the development of the autonomous car. What does this mean for the transportation industry as a whole? What is the opportunity for AI to enter the parking industry?


New Frontiers of Navigation

Speakers: Johann Hiebl – Executive Vice President, Infotainment & Connectivity, Continental
Kip Dodlinger – Product & UX Manager, Garmin Automotive
Jan-Maarten de Vries – VP Product Management and Marketing Automotive, TomTom
Giles Rhys Johns – CMO, what3words
Moderator: Ann Muenster-Nuiry – Vice President, Parking & Mobility Services, Xerox

Description: It wasn’t all that long ago when in-car navigation meant a bunch of fold-out maps stuffed into a glove box. In just over 20 years, navigation has practically become ubiquitous. So what’s next? Pioneers in navigation discuss a new global address system, door-to-door mobility, autonomous HD mapping, and more.

Trend watch: Navigation & parking – Waze is already directing drivers to parking facilities close to their destination. What’s next for parking in the world of navigation?


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