How To Predict Parking Seasonality With Pinpoint Accuracy Using Google Trends


In this ParkingExec “How To” we will:

  • Teach you what Google Trends is
  • Explain how to use Google Trends to grow your business
  • Show you how Google Trends can be used to predict parking seasonality
  • Provide a simple Google Trends video tutorial
  • Include month-over-month seasonality graphs over the past 5 years for top US parking markets

 What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool that shares search volume on Google, by region, for specific terms and topics. You can see what is popular at any given time, and measure relative demand for topics, goods, or services, such as parking.

What can Google Trends show you?

As an example, let’s look at how Google Trends demonstrates the seasonality of the flu. All you have to do is type in the word “flu,” and Google does the rest:

The flu peaks every December or January. You can also see that there was an extreme increase in search for “flu” in 2009, because that was a particularly bad year due to Swine Flu.  

How does Google Trends help parking operators?

Google Trends can predict parking seasonality, too. By plugging in the keyword “City Name  + Parking” you can discover when drivers in your market are looking for parking. We can show you some examples.  

Google Trends can show you parking seasonality in the United States


This graph shows the seasonality of the parking industry in the United States from 2004 to the present. By running your cursor along the blue line you can see the corresponding date to each point. Each peak is at August of that year, when parking is at highest demand. The least interest in parking is usually in January or February. Remember that the seasonality in your city may not match up with parking seasonality in the country as a whole. For example, parking seasonality in New York City and Chicago, two of the biggest parking markets, are almost opposite one another.

Chicago parking seasonality is busiest in the summer


In Chicago, the most popular time of year for parking is July and the least popular is January.  


New York City parking seasonality is busiest in the winter


Unlike Chicago,  the most popular time of year for parking in New York City is in December. The low points are usually May, but vary slightly by year.


The New York City parking market is bigger than the Chicago parking market


Google Trends also enables you to compare the interest in more than one keyword over a certain period of time. This graph shows the search volume for “Chicago Parking” and “NYC Parking” from 2004 to the present. Their seasonal patterns don’t line up because each market has peaks at different points. The overall search volume for “NYC Parking” is greater than the search volume for “Chicago Parking,” and is higher up on the graph. This means that the parking market in New York City is bigger than it is in Chicago, which is true. If you want to add your own city to this comparison, just click “Add term” and type it in.  

Learn how to use Google Trends on your own

Watch this quick video to learn how to make custom queries on Google Trends. It’s under a minute long!

Look out for more ParkingExec tutorials on how to use online marketing tools to grow your business and succeed in your career.  

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