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mark pe bioMark Lawrence

Co-Founder of ParkingExec

Mark Lawrence is the Founder and CEO of SpotHero. Through his experience growing SpotHero from a Chicago startup to a national brand, he has become an expert at capturing online demand. He has spoken at PIE and NPA, and has written articles featured in ParkingToday and Parking Magazine. For Mark, ParkingExec is an opportunity to share his insights about technology and parking with the rest of the industry.



suzannah pe bioSuzannah Rubinstein

Co-Founder of ParkingExec and Lead Editor

Outside of ParkingExec, Suzannah started the B2B Marketing Department at SpotHero, where she met Mark Lawrence. Under the direction of Mark, Suzannah has quickly become passionate about parking. As a student at Northwestern University, her writing was featured in numerous online publications. Suzannah wanted to start ParkingExec to use online media to share her expertise in marketing and technology with the parking industry.



Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.17.53 PMCarly Dyer

Contributing Writer

Before joining the ranks of ParkingExec, Carly studied English at the University of Missouri and gained a proficient understanding of the parking industry at SpotHero as a content marketer. She is also a freelance writer and editor for various magazines and newspapers, including Chicago Magazine and RedEye Chicago, covering local news and personal interest pieces.


ParkingExec is a premier parking industry publication created by SpotHero to provide data-driven insights to parking professionals across the country. The ultimate goal is to help keep parking professionals informed of best industry practices in a changing consumer purchasing environment.

The parking industry has huge potential for improvement by capitalizing on recent advances in technology. Not only are parking decision-makers faced with a nearly untapped opportunity for exponential growth, but they also have a responsibility to provide drivers with the level of service and choice that they have learned to expect in all other facets of their lives.

ParkingExec is unlike any other parking trade publication. What you can expect is an innovative and analytical perspective on the parking industry that can be directly applied to your business. ParkingExec will empower you and your company to win despite inevitable changes to the marketplace.

ParkingExec is primarily web-based, but you can download our print edition here.

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