9 Transportation Tech Must-Reads from November 2016

Looking for the latest tech news in parking and transportation? Here’s a list of nine must-read articles from November, several of which indicate progress on the autonomous vehicle front:

1. Access Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue

The University of California’s Access Magazine’s fall issue focuses entirely on parking. Topics covered include market-priced parking, parking management and more.


2. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, an Industry Ponders Its Digital Future

This recap of AutoMobility LA covers how technology and mobility factor into automakers’ decisions today and for the future. The auto industry is facing more changes in the next five years than it has in the last 50–and many of these changes and questions apply to parking as well.


3. SpotHero Paves the Way for Parking

SpotHero CEO Mark Lawrence shares with Inc how SpotHero is making it easier for operators to bring parking inventory online–and why this matters in a future with connected cars and autonomous vehicles.


4. Watch a fully self-driving Tesla navigate intersections and city streets

This new video shows a self-driving Tesla from the driver’s eye view as the car makes its way through a city neighborhood, encountering traffic and several intersections. This new look at the self-driving car indicates that Tesla may meet their goal of doing a cross-country test drive late next year.


5. Self-Driving Cars Will Soon Hit the Streets of Boston

Another U.S. city will have self-driving cars on the road soon, this time in Boston. The test will feature a car equipped with self-driving software from nuTonomy. The startup plans to roll out a wider commercial fleet in Singapore in 2018, ahead of timelines set by Uber, GM, and Google.


6. Baidu’s Self-Driving Cars Begin Public Test in Wuzhen, China

Baidu is a Chinese internet company similar to Google and is testing self-driving cars now on public roads in China. They are targeting 2018 as for the first release of commercial vehicles. Baidu also began testing its vehicles in California earlier this year.


7. Google’s Self-Driving Cars are Naturals When it Comes to Three-Point Turns

Google’s self-driving cars can now handle a tricky task: three-point turns. Just as important as the task itself was creating a positive user experience for the passenger, indicating that good UX will be critical to long-term acceptance and adoption of this new technology.


8. Poor People Pay for Parking Even When They Can’t Afford a Car

The debate over affordable parking and housing continues in this article. Donald Shoup argues that “people who are too poor to own a car pay more for groceries to ensure that richer people can park free when they drive to the store.”


9. The Disappearing Stick Shift: Less than 3% of Cars Sold in the U.S. Have Manual Transmissions

The disappearing stick shift is yet another indicator of the changing transportation space, with only a quarter of new models offering manual transmission. Automakers have perfected the automatic transmission, making it less expensive and more dependable–a pattern we can expect to see in connected and autonomous vehicles.


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