9 Articles Every ParkingExec Should Read Today

1. Plan targets parking spots to create affordable housing

NYC is considering a plan that would turn 9-by-18-foot parking spaces into affordable housing. How would this already-competitive parking market be affected by a cut in supply?

2. The Future of Mobile: 2014 [Slide Deck]

Your business could benefit from the shift to mobile service platforms, as long as you embrace new technology.

3. LEAKED: Internal Uber Deck Reveals Staggering Revenue And Growth Metrics

Because ride-sharing poses a serious threat to parking, staying informed could be the key to surviving.

4. Picking Your Car’s Computerized Brain

There are apps providing contextualized information to drivers as they drive, like where to find parking. How does this change the ways we reach our customers?

5. Will parked cars become the next drop-off points for online orders?

Offering the newest parking amenities and technology may be the competitive edge you need to win more business.

6. The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It

This article provides key insights to take into consideration when targeting customers via mobile.

7. Connected Car Space Sees Investment Deals Climb 4X Since 2009

“Investment to companies in and around the connected car space are indeed gaining traction from both venture and corporate investors.” Make sure your business is ready for these changes.

8. The City of the Future: One Million Fewer Cars on the Road

Uber is cheaper than owning a car and is eating away at the parking industry. Learn what other impacts Uber is having on cities.

9. Mobile Is Eating the World

Graphs and data demonstrate that mobile platforms are becoming more and more valuable for reaching customers.


BONUS! Two more articles we love:

10. Mobile-Enabled Commerce Will Yield The Next $100B Startup

“By 2020, smartphones and tablets will account for more than 75 percent of global online commercial transactions and more than 50 percent of spend.” Learn what it takes to create a successful mobile parking platform.

11. What The Roads Of The Future Could Look Like

A lot of these updates are already in the works including automated space-saving parking facilities. Should you consider these solutions for your own business?

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