15 Parking Predictions For 2016

We just recapped the parking predictions for 2015. Curious about what might happen in 2016? We reached out to 15 industry experts for their parking predictions for the new year. Today we are sharing their responses:

15. Private Spaces Will Compete with Existing Inventory

The parking industry will transform into a shared economy. Private parking spaces will become available to the public through mobile apps and technology will support these platforms and new data.


Emily Webb 


MyLucke LLC



14. More People Will Have Access to Online Reservation Companies from Their Cars

… I predict we will see more online reservation companies like SpotHero and ParkMe…

… BMW is trying to interface into the vehicle navigation system, which is able to predict parking availability by capturing data from some predictable sources… If on street parking is unavailable, drivers will be directed to off-street parking locations. Even though it is a nice feature, I do not believe every vehicle on the road will have that.

… Since we do everything by cell phone and internet, I predict we will see a lot of online reservation in the future… At the end what we are looking for is parking availability without wasting our precious time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.33.44 PMOmar Ibrahim 

Project Manager 

One Parking



13. There Will Be All-App Reservation-Only Facilities

The emergence of inexpensive, parking guidance systems that integrate with parking apps will lead to the first automated, all-app, reservation-only parking facilities.

A customer will purchase or reserve parking via app and be directed to the destination facility via a route guidance system (google maps). Once they enter the garage or lot, a bluetooth field recognizes the customer and directs them to an appropriate parking stall designated by the parking guidance lights.

Stall costs are both dynamic and convenience based (i.e., higher price for stalls on low levels near the elevators).

Michael KramerMichael Cramer 

Executive Vice President 




12. Garages and Lots Will Become Completely Unmanned

Parking automation will continue to evolve to the point where facilities will be virtually virtual in nature. People will interact with parking professionals via command center technologies, VoIP and real-time video interactions. The future of parking is upon us in 2016.

Dennis SaffordDennis A. Safford 

Corporate Director of Marketing and Communications

Propark America



11. Technological Advancements Will Drive Growth through Customer Experience

A dramatic shift towards technological advancement, specifically as it pertains to the customer experience (e.g. parking guidance systems).

Advancing the guest services should be the key focus of parking operators. Unfortunately, the bottom line continues to drive decisions throughout the industry. As important as maintaining a strong bottom line is, establishing it as a main focus and decision making force is an uphill battle.

On the other hand, if the customer experience drives most decisions the benefits will naturally flow through to the bottom line via repeat customers, satisfied clients/owners, and inevitably growth.

JohnTorresJohn Torres

Director of Operations

MDistrict Park


10. Facilities Won’t Accept Cash as a Payment Method

Continued automation and cashless operations. From locations going to credit card only (no cash accepted) to automated gated facilities, the industry continues to advance in this direction.

The fact DC has implemented higher minimum wage standards is also driving the parking industry toward automation – cashier-less facilities. Automated facilities offer the customer easy payment options either at Pay-on-Foot machines or Pay-in-Lane machines.

Valets, Customer Service Reps, and intercoms on-site connected to command centers off-site will still assist parkers when needed but the era of cash handling in the parking industry is quickly dying.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.39.33 PMGary W. Bullis 

Director – Parking Operations

Parking Management, Inc.

9. More Facility Entrances Will Use LPR and Apps Rather than Gates

Gated parking is on the downturn. Look for license plate recognition, mobile payment apps, and pay by plate meters to reduce parking friction for off street garages and surface lots.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.51.07 PMJonathan Wicks 

Parking Consultant

Walker Parking Consultants

8. The Shift to Smartphone Usage Will Lead to More Mobile Payments

The ever increasing technologic advancements our society and the parking sector are experiencing – such as the cheaper and more widespread use of smartphones, ticketless entry/exit systems, the evolution of a variety of parking apps, etc. – will cause a drop in transient cash revenue, and lead to a higher intake of mobile payments, pre-arrival stall reservations, and credit/debit card charges within the parking industry.

Matthew BloomMatthew Bloom 

Area Manager & Director of Special Events

Douglas Parking

7. Parking Operators Will Rely On Bluetooth Technology

In 2016 I believe more parking operators will begin utilizing BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology to vend gates and send consumers notifications.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.44.46 PMAmy Zaid 

Area Manager


6. Parking Operations Must Embrace New Technology to Stay Relevant

As transportation options become more plentiful (i.e. car sharing, biking, online car rides, public transportation) and urban living increases the number of vehicles parking each day in many major cities may decrease, this will require the parking industry to become more creative in attracting new customers and retaining current ones.

Embracing new technology will be key to staying competitive and being relevant (i.e. e commerce apps/sites, gateless/lpr access control technology, electric vehicle charging stations, etc…).

JoeLJoe Leightner 

Regional Vice President

LAZ Parking

5. Real Estate Demand Will Shrink Inventories in Top Markets

Demand will continue to outstrip supply in AAA markets in 2016 due to properties being developed for best use, thus shrinking inventories. Biggest change will be the advent of access technology being built directly into vehicles rendering access cards, fobs & easy passes as legacy technologies.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.46.45 PMKristen Sokich 

Senior Vice President

Propark America New York

4. Parking Will Integrate into Larger City Ecosystems

The biggest change will come from how parking begins to integrate with the larger city ecosystem.

Reservations and payments. Park and rides. Where can I park, plan my trip, catch the light rail, and hail a ride share? How does bike share fit in? How can parking integrate with the downtown experience of merchants?

All this will begin to take shape – with better analytics – to make informed decisions about urban planning and future business district activity.

danielblileyDaniel Bliley 

Marketing Director


3. More Cities Will Use PayByPhone Street Parking

Cities will follow the example of the Miami Parking Authority and start to go asset light, removing parking meters and going PayByPhone only in areas.

ScottScott Selig

Senior Manager of Sales and Business Development

PayByPhone Technologies

2. Urban Parking Initiatives Will Delay Advancements in Parking Technology

Master Planning will drive parking initiatives more and cause parking to collaborate more with groups that parking organizations aren’t typically used to coordinating with such as traffic & transportation, urban planning, etc.

These planning initiatives may cause a delay in implementation of projects, technology, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 3.49.05 PMNicole Chinea 

Parking Consultant

Walter P Moore

1. Employment Growth Will Increase Parking Demand

The biggest change will be the demand for parking will increase due to the increase of employment.

Stewart Jones | Parking Manager | LAZ Parking


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