13 Parking Predictions For 2015

Wondering what to expect in the parking industry during 2015? We asked 13 industry experts for their biggest predictions for the new year, and are sharing them here today:

13. The Challenge Will Be Competing For Fewer Cars

The 2015 year will be the start of a trend that every upcoming year will be slower than the previous year in terms of total vehicles parked. That does not necessarily means less profit, but rather make it more challenging to be competing for fewer cars. We have to be creative and more innovative in ways to cut down on labor and other expenses. One of the biggest rises in expenses are taxes as they keep going up, especially in the big cities, which are the main locations in terms of high volume vehicles.

Daniel Saliba | Project Manager | ABM

12. Technology Will Enable Dynamic Rates

I anticipate a more aggressive push toward more modern technology. Eventually we may be able to make rates dynamic based on garage occupancy.

Jessica CraneJessica Crane

Business Development Coordinator

LAZ Parking, NYC



11. Passport Will Win Pay-By-Cell Contracts

The single largest share of new pay-by-cell system contracts in 2015 will be won by Passport because their business model leaves the city authority with their brand intact.

bern grushBern Grush

VP Innovation




10. Mobile Parking Apps Will Consolidate

Emerging parking apps will begin to consolidate through acquisitions by more established providers.

jonathan wicksJonathan Wicks

Parking Operations Consultant

Walker Parking Consultants



9. Wayfinding Tech & Collaborative Marketing Will Be Big

There will be improved wayfinding and real time data technology at a reasonable cost, expanded green initiatives, increased community partnerships, economic development programs and collaborative marketing.

kathryn hebertKathryn Hebert

Director – Norwalk Parking Authority

City of Norwalk



8. Uber Will Render Parking Lots Useless

jason calacanisJason Calacanis

Internet Entrepreneur & Blogger

One of Uber’s First Investors



7. Parking App Data Will Help Us Understand Consumers’ Parking Needs

2015 will see a greater preponderance towards utilizing big data. Cloud computing will continue to be an integral part of this move. Parking app data will help create a better understanding of the parking consumer’s behavior.  I think business intelligence dashboards will gain ground and help gear marketing efforts by identifying and fulfilling the consumer parking needs.

joe lanzaJoe Lanza

General Manager



6. Reservations Will Become Standard Practice

Reservations for car parks will become the standard in larger city car parks, car parks for venues, train stations, etc. This enables car park operators to promote extra services and/or premium zones using CRM and business intelligence to drive customer service and revenue. Airports are leading the way, other car parks will follow.

fred van der lindenFred Van der Linden

Head of Parking Services Europe




5. Seamless Integration Of Mobile Payment

As recently as five years ago magnetic stripe technology was considered to be the ‘best in the business’. Today we have seen barcode technology catch up with and surpass magnetic stripe as the technology of choice because of its flexibility. During this time we have seen a host of startups with online and smart device enabled payment technologies and with cloud based reporting apps. For 2015 I expect to see partnerships between the most well positioned of these startups and traditional parking equipment companies, making use of these products a seamless integration for both garage operators and end users.

Franklin Marcelino | Regional Manager | Propark America


4. Parking Facilities Will Be Unmanned – Replaced By Monthly Permits & Mobile Apps

All parking facilities will be unmanned and replaced by monthly permit parkers, and for daily parking: mobile apps and machines that accept cash or credit with print-out receipts to be displayed on the dash. This will help facilities reduce the amount of employees and operating overhead cost, and allow management to oversee several properties at one time, instead of needing several people per property. I also predict that most open air lots will begin construction turning them into multi-level, multi purpose buildings with garage parking located either underground or on the first couple levels.

Charles ParrishCharles Parrish


Chesapeake Parking Corp.



3. San Francisco Parking Apps Will Move To NYC

At some point, probably taking place in the last quarter, the booted SF Parking App start-ups will
flock to NYC. These companies had built apps that created a social platform which connected people looking for parking spaces with people who already had one. These companies will have an impact on overall revenues for larger operators in particular. With a rapidly expanding population here in NYC, demand for parking easily outstrips supply. This drives up cost for parking and hence these start-ups are here to save the day!

bradley grossman

Bradley Grossman

Business Operations Manager

Parkit Management

2. Green Initiatives Will Have An Impact On Parking Communities Nationwide

Parking thought leaders will see the importance of sustainable facilities and creating sustainable communities to push forward green initiatives. Not only is the parking industry slowly moving toward a greener perspective on their own – with the 2016 Presidential election right around the corner – the idea of a cleaner environment will surely be a hot topic issue for all candidates. Movements such as the Clean Car Act; backed by Presidential candidate and current Governor of Maryland; Martin O’Malley will raise awareness and have impact on parking communities nationwide.

mandy yohMandy Yoh

Online Marketing Specialist

LAZ Parking



1. Customers Will Expect Convenient Pre-Booking Through Apps

The use of technology will continue to accelerate in the parking industry.  As parking operators, we are driven to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide a more efficient parking operation, while providing an easy and convenient parking experience. Operators will continue to meet these needs using intelligent parking management systems, which will enable us to offer a high level of parking convenience such as minimal time wastage, cashless and contactless payment options, and options for pre-booking parking spots online or through mobile devices.

Theresa LillyTheresa Lilly

Marketing Director

One Parking



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