12 Transportation Must-Reads From May 2016

These 12 articles from last month speak to the future of parking within the larger transportation landscape. Skim them to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Chasing the Uber Model is Killing a lot of On-Demand Companies

“From Instacart’s update to wages to the failure of the Zirx on-demand parking service and Zirtual’s uncontrollable burn, the viability of these companies is now in question.”


2. Pew Study Finds Younger Adults Driving Growth of Ride-Hailing Apps

“The median age of ride-hailing apps in the U.S. is 33, with 18- to 29-year-olds seven times more likely to use these services vs those aged 65 or above.”


3. Passport Raised $8 Million to Help Cities Offer Pay-by-Mobile Parking, Transit

Learn more about the deal here.


4. Driverless Buses Hit The Streets of Sion

This Swiss city allows people to summon buses with their smartphones, making public transportation much more convenient, almost like ride-sharing.


5. Uber Confirms It’s Testing Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Self-driving cars would mean lower prices for ride-sharing apps, giving them a competitive edge.


6. In the Singularity, We’ll Still Be Using the Same Garbage Trucks

Smart cities are built by putting a layer of technology on top of pre-existing infrastructure to make it more efficient. How can parking fit it?


7. BMW Invests in Carpooling App Startup Scoop

“The Scoop application connects people who live in the same neighborhoods and work near each other to arrange carpools.” It’s another app reducing the number of commuters driving to work.


8. Tesla was Just the Beginning: Introducing the Connected Car Landscape

Read this article for an overview of every company getting involved in the connected car.


9. The Electric Car Revolution Is Finally Starting

With more affordable batteries, electric cars are becoming much more accessible.


10. GM Expands Car-Sharing Service to Chicago

The service includes on-demand car delivery through Zirx, the former on-demand valet company.


11. Why Smart Cars Are Stupid

“…people are going to be driving their 10-or 20- year old dumb cars for decades. We need to make the roads smarter, not the cars.”


12. LA Auto Show Reinvents Itself as the Next CES — for Car-Tech

Car shows are becoming more and more tech focused. Parking tech included.

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