12 Transportation Must-Reads from August 2016

Want a quick download of the latest news in transportation and parking? Look no further than this hand-picked list of 12 articles from August.


1. Uber, Parking, Hotels, and Airports

Parking Today’s John Van Horn shares his thoughts on parking, airports, hotels, and Uber–and what the parking industry can learn from the taxi industry’s failures in the wake of Uber’s success.


2. Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month

Believe it or not, self-driving cars will actually be on the road this month in Pittsburgh, from none other than Uber. Customers in downtown Pittsburgh will be able to request self-driving cars from Uber’s fleet of specially modified Volvo SUVs.


3. Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service

Google is moving into the booming but competitive ride-sharing market with a pilot program aimed at commuters that lets Waze users connect with each other to coordinate ride-sharing in their own cars.


4. Get Ready to Share the Road With Cars That Have No One Behind the Wheel

State lawmakers in California and Michigan are close to allowing vehicles without humans behind the wheel very soon. It will be in a test capacity, and potentially in limited driving situations, but on public roads nonetheless.


5. How Driverless Cars May Interact With People

A start-up called Drive.ai is working to address how autonomous cars would react to other drivers and pedestrians in confusing road situations.


6. What Everyone in Autonomous Vehicles is (and will be) Talking About

This roundup of Autonomous Vehicles FAQs covers the most talked about AV topics and discussions surrounding these topics, including timing, legalities, and how AV could change car ownership.


7. Uber IPO: Losing Luster After a $1.2 Billion Loss

A recent look into Uber’s financials shows a $1.2 billion loss in the first half of this year and has some questioning whether Uber is actually ready to go public.


8. How Connected Car Tech is Eroding Personal Privacy

Consumers and security experts have privacy concerns over smart car features and gadgets that are difficult to disable.


9. Google Maps Update Likely to Feature Text-Based Parking Notification and More

The next version of Google Maps appears to include a new parking feature: it will send text-alerts about the availability of parking near the driver’s destination, based on number of spaces, time of day and nearby events.


10. Mobile (Parking) Payment: What Data Says About Adoption

Smarking’s Kelly Clonts shares several factors that influence the use of mobile payments in parking, including location, demographics and alternative payment methods.


11. Tesla Autopilot Drives Owner to Hospital During Pulmonary Embolism

An attorney in Missouri credits his Tesla Model X’s autopilot feature for saving his life, after he suffered a pulmonary embolism.


12. SpotHero is Ready for the Future of Autonomous Parking

Bonus preview of September roundup: SpotHero CEO Mark Lawrence shares his thoughts on the future of autonomous parking and what it means for the parking industry today.


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