12 Transportation Articles Every ParkingExec Should Read from June 2016

Wondering what’s been going on in parking and transportation over the past month? Look no further than this list of 12 hand-picked articles.


1. Los Angeles Tries to Prove That It Doesn’t Necessarily Need the Car

The city notoriously known for car travel is expanding their railway.


2. More Cars Than Phones Were Connected to Cell Service in Q1

Cars are becoming the next frontier for app development, how should the parking industry prepare?


3. The Last Driver License Holder

“The last person to get a driver license is already born — the speed of technology development and recent announcements confirm that.”


4. What It’s Like to Preside over a Small Empire of Parking Garages

Bill Lerner, President and CEO of iPark in NYC, was interviewed by The Atlantic.


5. Parking App Offers a Way to National Airport during SafeTrack Repairs

SpotHero encourages typical DC Metro-commuters to try parking at the airport instead.


6. Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt Says It’s ‘Very Hard to Know’ When Self-Driving Cars Will Be Ready

He also suggests that ‘ample parking’ will be very important for the rollout of self-driving cars.

7. New Yorkers and Californians Really Want Driverless Cars, Volvo Says

See how attitudes toward driverless cars vary from state to state.


8. BMW’s Car-Sharing Service Rolls into More Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle is only one of the cities experiencing an increase in car-sharing options.


9. People in Austin Are Replacing Uber and Lyft With…a Parking App?

When Uber and Lyft left Austin, on-demand valet app Luxe has found a way to fill the gap.


10. BMW Takes Majority Share in Parkmobile

“Parking is currently available with all phones, but in the near future parking solutions will also be integrated in the car.”


11. Drivers Are Warming up to Autonomous Cars. Mostly.

See the results of two large surveys about attitudes toward autonomous cars.


12. Tesla Model X Autonomously Crashed into Building, Owner Claims

There are still a lot of things to work out before autonomous cars hit the road.

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