11 Transportation Must-Reads from July 2016

Autonomous and electric cars were a big focus in the transportation space last month. We rounded up eleven of July’s must-read articles below.  


1. Tesla: Master Plan, Part Deux

“You will be able to add your car to the Tesla shared fleet just by tapping a button on the Tesla phone app and have it generate income for you while you’re at work or on vacation.” In this scenario, what would be the impact on parking?


2. Why Monthly Auto Sales Numbers May Not Be What They Seem

Carmakers are under pressure to keep showing strong sales. They may be padding monthly figures with deep discounts and sales to rental-car fleets.


3. Here’s How Many Cars This Car-Sharing Service Killed

A new report published by UC Berkeley’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center quantifies the effects of car2go, a one-way car-sharing service.


4. How General Motors Expects Self-Driving Cars to Become a Reality

General Motors is betting on ridesharing and autonomous vehicles.


5. The Merging Worlds of Technology and Cars

Automotive giants are teaming up with industry disruptors, creating complex alliances.


6. Apple Maps, Parkopedia team up to make parking, charging easier

Parkopedia announced plans to provide its parking information services directly within Apple Maps.


7. Humans once opposed coffee and refrigeration. Here’s why we often hate new stuff.

Harvard Professor Calestous Juma discusses why we resist innovation and new technologies, such as driverless cars.


8. Apple Appoints Bob Mansfield to Oversee Electric Vehicle Team

Apple has appointed Bob Mansfield to oversee development of its widely rumored electric vehicle.


9. A Tesla Model S with Lidar spotted on the road around Palo Alto

A Model S, strapped with Lidar sensors, was spotted near Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters.


10. What the NTSB knows about the fatal Tesla crash, so far

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a preliminary report on the fatal crash involving a 2015 Tesla Model S in May.


11. It’s No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car ‘Crashes’ Instead

Safety advocates are campaigning for the use of the word ‘crash’ instead of ‘accident’ to describe traffic incidents.

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