11 Must-Read Transportation Tech Articles

We rounded up eleven articles from the past month to keep you ahead of the curve on all things transportation and parking.


1. The Third Transportation Revolution: Lyft’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and Beyond

“Cities should be defined by communities and connections, not pavement and parking spots.” Lyft Co-Founder John Zimmer makes predictions for how autonomous vehicles will empower ride sharing to make up an even bigger piece of the transportation pie.


2. Pittsburgh, Your Self-Driving Uber is arriving now

Uber’s self-driving cars are officially on the road in Pittsburgh. The company sees self-driving Ubers as an opportunity to “free up the 20 percent of space in cities currently used to park the world’s billion plus cars.”


3. Cars Take Up Way Too Much Space in Cities. New Technology Could Change That.

This article makes an argument for high-tech and low-tech ways to reduce the amount of space cars take up in cities, including reducing parking.


4. Parking Concerns Take a Back Seat in Pursuit of Affordable Housing

A proposal for an affordable housing development in NYC threatens to eliminate an Upper West Side parking lot, raising a debate between vocal supporters on both sides.


5. SpotHero is Ready for the Future of Autonomous Parking

SpotHero CEO Mark Lawrence shares his thoughts on the future of autonomous parking and what that means for the parking industry today.


6. People in Los Angeles Are Getting Rid Of Their Cars

Uber and Lyft are reshaping the car-dependent city of Los Angeles, as more people sell their cars and rely on ride-sharing apps for everyday transportation.


7. No Driver? Bring It On. How Pittsburgh Became Uber’s Testing Ground

Learn how is Uber working with the city of Pittsburgh to make driverless cars a reality in 2016.


8. Waze Now Gives Parking Advice

Waze has partnered with INRIX, making it even easier for drivers to find and book parking via mobile.


9. Apple Is Said to Be Rethinking Strategy on Self-Driving Cars

Apple has laid off employees on its self-driving car project and has shifted focus, from designing an actual vehicle to building out the underlying technology.


10. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Is Losing Out to Rivals

Google is seeing slow progress in their attempt to build a driverless car with full autonomy. They may be losing out to more practical, less-ambitious self-driving car projects.


11. Exclusive: Uber to move freight, target trucking for the long haul

After an acquisition from Uber, Otto is targeting 2017 as its main entry into long-haul trucking, signaling an expansion in autonomous vehicles.


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