10 Articles to Keep Up with Parking Industry Trends

Looking for one place to find the most relevant articles in parking tech right now? You found it. ParkingExec has curated this list of 10 articles for that purpose. Read them to stay up to date with parking industry trends.

1. 2015 Will Be the year of the Services Marketplace, But Only if the Price is Right

Parking is one of many service industries undergoing a major shift toward marketplace platforms. Learn more about the success of these marketplaces by examining price structure.


2. Car-Sharing Pilot May Take Precious City Parking Spots

Boston plans to let car-sharing services use 200 spaces. What are the implications for the off-street parking industry?


3. The Internet of Things Will Change Everything

The CEO of Parkmobile, Cherie Fuzzell wrote this article because, “the thing that keeps [her] awake at night – and should keep a lot of CEOs awake at night – is the disruptive impact of the Internet of things and connected devices.”


4. 10 Keys to Growing an Online Mobile Marketplace

Marketplace companies have grown to be so successful because of their ability to match supplier and customer needs. SpotHero’s Mark Lawrence shares 10 tips for growing a sustainable online marketplace.


5. How Uber’s Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs and Reshape the Economy by 2025

“The $198 billion automobile insurance market, $98 billion automotive finance market, $100 billion parking industry, and the $300 billion automotive aftermarket will collapse as demand for their services evaporates.”


6. Downtown Denver’s Development Boom Adds Vibrancy, Subtracts Parking

Surface lots in Denver are being replaced by new buildings, some of which have garage parking built in, but with restrictions on who can use the spaces. Industry experts have predicted this shift. When will it come to your city?


7. New Tech Helps Local Drivers Find Parking Lot Spaces

Premium Parking is making the most of New Orleans’ parking apps. Mike Davidson of Premium Parking claims, “That’s the future. We’re taking it from the streets into the garages, all the commercial facilities and lots.”


8. Apple Will Buy Tesla for $75b in 18 Months (Prediction)

One of Uber’s first investors predicts that Apple will buy Tesla in a year and half. Apple is already working on a self-driving car, and acquiring Tesla would only better-equip them to enter the auto industry with a bang.


9. L.A.-Based Valet Parking App Curbstand Acquires Competitor Curby

Valet parking apps have been popping up across the country for the past year. This is the most public acquisition of one valet app by another to date.


1o. Smarking Drives Big Data To Parking Industry

“The Smarking service makes use of big data, analytics and the cloud, to help parking managers maximize pricing and availability based on usage patterns and other factors … like weather, flight schedules and special events.”



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